After School at Goddard

Piano at the Goddard School in Dacula

Enjoy the convenience of piano lessons before the hectic evening activities begin. Any child enrolled in daycare or after school care at the Goddard school at 1362 Auburn Road in Dacula may sign up for private piano lessons. All policies and tuition are the same as for private instruction at the home studio location. Please consult the policies and lesson information pages for fees and lesson information.

Lessons are available from 3 p.m., on.  Goddard students participate in studio recitals and in Festivals and Competitions.

If you would like to register your child for lessons, please contact me.

Six Weeks for $90: starting January 2020

Would you like to see how your child does before committing to regular lessons and investing in an expensive instrument? Usually a $130 value, this six lesson session (book included) will begin in January. During these mini lessons, students will learn how to play pieces by rote, and using beginning notation. At the end of the six lessons, you can choose to continue with private and/or mini lessons, or decide not to continue.

For the very young

Children as young as 3 or 4 years of age may take lessons. A free, preliminary evaluation lesson is required to ensure that each child is ready to begin lessons physically and emotionally. An evaluation considers the following criteria:

  • Can the child sit at the piano bench without wobbling
  • Is the child comfortable having a lesson one-on-one with a teacher, away from her classroom and fellow students
  • Is he distracted by activity in the hallway. All classrooms have large windows to the inner hall and the piano is backed up to the window.
  • Does the child have the basic finger coordination and strength to play beginning pieces


Mini Lessons are available for 3-5 year olds are usually 15 minutes long. Tuition for mini lessons is $20 per lesson.

30-minute lessons: $35.00 per lesson

45-minute lessons: $48.00 per lesson

60-minute lessons: $60.00 per lesson